The Maternal Health Synapse brings together maternal health initiatives, organisations, experts and resources from around the world on one free to access platform.

The tool provides:

  • An interconnected and dynamic repository of maternal health experts, activists, initiatives and resources at a local and global level
  • A crowdsourced global community on maternal health
  • Access to smart resources, innovators and problem-solvers, whether they are working independently, or within organizations
  • Easy access to the right partner, organization, initiative or resource
  • Eventually matching of maternal health needs with solutions in one place
  • Mapping of the maternal and reproductive health landscape on various scales through different lenses


  • Initiatives Search engine
  • Global reports
  • Experts Search engine
  • Organizations search engine
  • Resource library
  • Compare initiatives


  • All visitor features +
  • Initiatives report
  • Organization report
  • Export options
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  • Propose changes
  • Priority releases
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