The Challenge

The major benefit of using a multi-stakeholder approach to solving societal challenges is that it speeds up problem solving. While there are many working towards overcoming hurdles in the pursuit of making precision medicine a reality for all patients who could benefit from it, it is an ongoing challenge for different actors in the field to find each other and collaborate on solutions. As the precision medicine landscape continues to be fragmented, applying this model will become increasingly crucial to successfully addressing the gaps that limit accessibility to precision medicine. The “Precision Medicine Synapse” platform will enable this ecosystem to thrive.

The Goal

A global, interactive, searchable platform. Precision Medicine Synapse aims to comprehensively identify existing precision medicine initiatives across the world, to uncover synergies and opportunities, facilitate collaboration across industries and sectors, and identify possible gaps to be addressed.

Ultimately, PM Synapse will form an interconnected and dynamic repository of precision medicine experts, advocates, initiatives, and resources that is focused on building a crowdsourced global actionable community on precision medicine.

It will also facilitate access to smart resources, innovators, and problem-solvers, whether they are working independently or within organizations.

Synapse grows, it will further act as a “marketplace” for urgent precision medicine needs and resources. The goal is that PM Synapse will enable collaboration among diverse stakeholder groups to enhance awareness and access to biomarker testing, targeted therapies, education materials, etc.

About the Precision Medicine Programme

  • Vision
    We envision a collaborative digital solution to connect a whole community. A complete and actionable multi-dimensions network bridging the siloed precision medicine landscape, improving education on, access to, and delivery of precision medicine solutions.
  • Who We Are
    Synapse is powered by The Synergist. The Synergist is an independent, neutral backbone, incubator and engine bringing together complementary stakeholders to focus on, and benefit from, solving societal issues.
  • Mission
    Empower the precision medicine community by connecting stakeholders across silos and enabling global collaboration.


Online Collection Tool

Much information on precision medicine efforts is not routinely published but instead shared in meetings and discussions, mandating a need for a pro-active collection process. PM Synapse has been developed to gather data and make it publicly available.

Collecting and understanding initiatives by talking directly with those involved and requesting their input (rather than relying on desk research alone) provides a greater opportunity to understand efforts underway, including their successes and limitations.

Finally, this allows for connection and contact with potential partners, promoting collaboration among a global network of precision medicine experts, activists, initiatives and resources.